What Happens When You Purchase a Showmax Pro Subscription Over an Existing Plan?

Showmax Pro

Showmax Pro

Showmax Pro went live yesterday, and for the most part, we are glad the product is here.

It costs KES 2100, and if you need it for mobile-only, then the price is KES 1050.

This development can be linked to a lot of decisions that the MultiChoice-owned video-on-demand app has made.

To refresh your memory, Showmax introduced a sports segment in June 2019, but on a beta basis. This implied that the company was gauging uptake and response, and we thought it would package the product in the app in the long run.

It did not happen because a few days ago, Showmax announced that it was phasing out live channels from the app. There was no immediate communication about what the company was planning until yesterday.

The Pro version of the product, as you might have already learned, has all the features we were enjoying – but takes them a notch higher because, at KES 2100, customers would be expecting more.

For live news channels, Showmax Pro packs Africa News, Euronews, and Newzroom Afrika, as well as Trace Urban and Trace Gospel. You will notice the likes of BBC and Sky News are missing, and the immediate reason we can think of is that they are reserved for its satellite product (DStv).

The juice is in sports because all Premier League matches are aired here, as well as Serie A, PSL, and La Liga games.

New Subscription

With the above introduction, you would ask what is going to happen to your basic subscription in case you want to upgrade.

According to Showmax:

If you’ve got a Showmax subscription currently on the go and upgrade to Showmax Pro, what’ll happen is the remaining days of your current subscriptions will be preserved as a virtual voucher. You then can immediately get access to pro and once that Pro subscription is done, the voucher from the original subscription can be applied. So, in other words, you don’t miss out – you just defer the days remaining in your current subscription.

Basically, say your current subscription has 20 more days to go, and you opt into Pro. You will not lose your days and will get to enjoy them once the Pro subscription elapses. In fact, you can choose to use them in any instance according to the screenshot attached below.

So, what do you think about Showmax Pro? Is it a game-changer? Would you ditch your DStv subscription for it – considering DStv is slightly pricier but does not need the internet?