Phase One of National Data Center at Konza Technopolis Completed

konza national data center
artistic render of the national data center

konza national data center

Phase 1 of the National Data Center which is located at the Konza Technopolis has been completed, the Permanent Secretary for ICT, Jerome Ochieng said.

There are now plans to roll out services of the National Data Center after the completion of Phase One of the project.

Phase 1 officially commenced in June 2019 was implemented by the Ministry of ICT with the Konza Technopolis Development Authority and Huawei as the contractor.

“By the time I came here, the data center was just starting but now the data center is complete, a clear indication of very good progress. We are in the position to use the data center and as government, we want to see a situation whereby most of our data will be resident here,” ICT PS Jerome said.

It is expected that government ministries and other agencies will be the early movers to migrate their data to the center.

The data center has attained uptime institute design certification will support Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as explained by the ICT CS, Joe Mucheru in May this this year.

“I also like that we have the option of having a private cloud and also a government cloud. With more emphasis being put on use of technology post COVID period, storage requirement is going to be of great importance and certainly the data center at Konza has come in handy to solve that particular problem,” PS Jerome added.

One of the beneficiaries of the Data Center is the COVID-19 Contact Center at the Nurses Complex in the Kenyatta National Hospital. That center was launched to offer frontline workers psycho- social support.

Phase II is expected to be completed by 20201 as a Tier III National Data Center with Smart City facilities and services to support Konza Technopolis, e government as well as the Small and Medium Enterprises Services.

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  1. 20201…that stick with me. It would have been nice to highlight whether regional data centers are still required as adoption of large cloud providers in Europe and North America continues to soar with local businesses.

    • I suppose its 2021 right..because 20201… Mmm only God knows who will be living by that time..even my great, great,,great great grand kids..would be great great great..ancentors

  2. Phase II is expected to be completed by 20201 as a Tier III National Data Center with Smart City facilities and services to support Konza Technopolis.

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