COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee Invites Innovations That Address the Effects of the Pandemic


The Communications Authority of Kenya, alongside the COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee, is inviting a second submission of local ICT innovations that address the impact of the pandemic in Kenya.

The innovations should focus on health, the economy, food, livelihoods, logistics, and transport, as well as security.

The Committee was appointed in a gazette notice by the ICT Ministry on April 21. Its aim is to coordinate ICT-specific responses to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Advisory Committee is chaired by CA CEO Mercy Wanjau, who is assisted by Peter Njonjo. Among its members include Oryo Okollo, Hilda Moraa, and Fernando Wangila who has since passed away.

Applicants are advised to assess the effects of the pandemic on the lives and socio-economic activities of Kenyans and advice on key ICT initiatives to respond to the pandemic, in order to mitigate the effects of pandemics on individual livelihoods, communities, and the economy.

Their examination should be in line with job creation and business sustainability, scaling of local innovations, consumer protection, and ubiquitous digital learning, to mention a few.

The terms of reference for the Committee can be read here. Furthermore, the Committee is mandated to review official reports, policy, and legislation in line with its terms of reference. The reviews can be done through consultative meetings with sector stakeholders and members of the public.

Applicants can submit their innovations here. They have until the end of September 2020 to do so.

For those asking how the panel will panel intellectual property (IP) rights, the Authority has this to say:

The COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee recognizes and respects the Intellectual Property rights of applicants submitting the applications for consideration. Members of the Committee guarantee to keep confidential any Intellectual Property received for submission.

Subsequently, the Committee encourages applicants to ensure that they have registered their Intellectual Property rights with the relevant Government agencies to guarantee
protection. The Committee indemnifies itself, in whole, against all claims, demands, suits, damages, infringement, and liabilities.