ArtCaffé Blasted on Social Media Over Competition That Promises Creatives Coffee

source: Twitter

art caffe

Artcaffé is a popular urban restaurant and patisserie and their latest campaign has felt the full wrath from Kenyans on Twitter.

Their new campaign is targeted at designers where they implore them to jazz up their take away coffee cups. That sounded pretty cool and all until people clicked on the link provided to check out more details about the competition.

According to the competition details, the first prize winner will get exhibition space in one of their restaurants for 2 months or an internship with their Design team for 2 months. They will also get  free coffee for a year redeemed at one a day. Second prize winner will get free coffee for 6 months and third prize winner will get free coffee for 3 months.

This particular competition drew a lot of ire on Twitter due to the fact that it appears that the company wants to pay these artists using coffee and an internship.

Kenyans were not amused by this competition at all and demanded them to pay the designers instead. There has been an ongoing trend on social media where creatives bemoaned the fact that they are offered ‘exposure’ for some pending work.

The word ‘exposure’ is an unofficial trigger word of sorts for creatives (and Twitter in general) and Artcaffé and this did not go well at all.

It became worse when they used the word exposure multiple times while replying to people that were visibly enraged by the matter.

Others were conflicted.

However, Artcaffé was adamant to point out that the prize is not coffee and the purpose of the competition is to give designers exposure and opportunity.

Well, I have a feeling this will be used in a case study somewhere in a Public Relations class.

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