Safaricom Adds Airtime and Data Usage Tracking on Web App

That airtime usage feature is the most interesting

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Safaricom is testing a new feature for their web app that will help you track your data and airtime consumption across apps.

The company has had this web app for a while now and it allows you to access certain functionality about your Safaricom account. It functions like the mySafaricom app where you can access various Safaricom services.

You have to login to this web app via your phone and it verifies you by sending an OTP to your phone number. Safaricom insists on having your data on to log in to the web app like how they do it with the mySafaricom app.

Safaricom explicitly says that the current features are being tested and the data displayed may not be accurate.

Data usage

Under the account tab on the Safaricom web app, you can now track your data usage. It will show you the total usage and per app data usage on a given period.  This can be a great way for you to know what are the most data intensive apps which influences your data usage behaviour.

This is not the first time we have seen Safaricom implement this feature. They have a similar feature baked on their mySafaricom app that is labelled “My Data Usage.” If you enable the specific permissions, it can tell you how much mobile data you have used on your phone.

My airtime usage

The new feature is my airtime usage and it works the same as the data usage feature. It shows you how much airtime you have used within a specific period and it is quite revealing.

This is a very useful tool to see how you use Safaricom airtime within a given period. It shows you how much you spent on calls, SMS and on subscriptions. Under calls, you can view the date and time of a call, the duration, and the amount Safaricom charged you for the call. The call information tabs also applies to SMS. The subscription section is slightly different. They will show you the date and time of the subscription, its description and the charge.