This Chrome Extension Lets You Go Back to Old Facebook Layout

facebook old layout chrome extension

Facebook started testing its updated design for the web almost a year ago. It brought a needed change from the legacy design that felt so ‘2004’. This year, they rolled the new interface to everyone globally with a switch to switch back to the legacy one.

However, just a few days ago, Facebook started informing users that they will do away with the old design. They announced that the old Facebook experience will no longer be available on September.

As you know, humans innately do not like change and I bet there are people out there who like the old design. Well, I have good news for you, that is if you use Chrome browser.

Old Layout for Facebook is a Chrome extension that reverts your Facebook layout to the old design pre September 2020. So far, the Chrome web store says it has 1000 users which I bet will rise in a few weeks time.

When you install the Chrome extension, it automatically refreshes your Facebook tabs to the old layout. It works pretty well, as shown in the screenshots below.

old vs new Facebook layout

If you intend to go back to the new Facebook layout, just tap the extension icon on your top bar to disable it

As mentioned before, this is a Chrome extension and will work with Chrome and Microsoft Edge (since it is basically Chrome).

This extension reminds me of the time a developer came up with a Chrome extension to revert back to the old Twitter design.

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  1. This Chrome extension is BRILLIANT. I was sceptical to be honest, but it works flawlessly. My option to revert to the old FB layout had been removed. I really hate the ‘new’ layout, change for changes sake in my opinion, and a change for the worst. So just added the Chrome Extension, and immediately my FB was back to the original layout.

  2. I use this chrome extension to switch between new and old design in one click – “Switch to Classic design on Facebook”

  3. I use this Chrome extension called “Switch to Classic design on Facebook”. Just search it in the Web Store. It hasn’t been working for a while but it does again now.

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