Facebook Will Do Away With The Classic Blue Look on Web Soon

facebook to do away with classic look

Facebook is set to do away with the classic blue look that we are used to on the web version of the social network.

The company notified people when they navigated to the “switch to new Facebook” toggle.

“The classic Facebook experience will no longer be available starting in September,” the  notice stipulated. “Before the new Facebook.com becomes the default experience, we want to learn more about how we can improve.”

This notice is to mentally prepare users to switch permanently to the new Facebook design. We have been using the current legacy Facebook design for decades now and Facebook understands change is hard. The old design has design elements that we saw in the past and the new website designs are all about “flatter” designs.

“New” Facebook has been around for a while

You may have been using Facebook’s new web design for some time now. They rolled out their much awaited design early this year which made it more in line with their mobile apps. It feels more modern than the legacy Facebook one and features popular features like dark mode.

The changes from  the legacy Facebook to the new Facebook were dramatic. They dropped their iconic shade of blue on the navigation bar,. Overhauled groups tab, and tabbed interface makes it easy to access content. It feels like Facebook wanted the desktop version to mimic the mobile interface. Ironically the Android app doesn’t have dark mode.

Facebook explained why they started giving love to the desktop version of the social network. “We shifted a lot of our attention to really catching up on mobile,” Tom Occhino, director of engineering for the Facebook app, told Engadget a while back. Facebook said that the site had become pretty slow and cluttered from a user experience perspective and the change is welcome.