Communications Authority Guidelines for Telecoms Numbering Resources Are Live


The Procedures and Guidelines for the Management and Administration of Telecommunications Numbering Resources 2020 have been published by the Communications Authority of Kenya.

The publication was preceded by stakeholder and public participation as required by the Management and Administration of ICT Numbering resource.

The resource is provided by the Kenya Information and Communications (Numbering) Regulations 2010.

The Guidelines have now replaced the existing Procedures and Guidelines for the Management and Administration of Short Codes and Premium Rate Numbers, 2012.

On the whole, the guidelines apply to licensed ICT service providers that use numbering resources from the national numbering resource scheme for functions such as interconnection, routing and provision to end-users, as well as internal operations.

They are developed to offer a robust framework for efficient use and progressive management of the numbering resources for equitable access, fair competition and consumer protection.

The guidelines also offer the process of applying for numbering resources by interested parties, conditions on assignment, numbering charges and the use of the numbers for emergency services.

Furthermore, the lengthy document details cases of withdrawal of assignment and facilitation of traffic to unassigned numbers, not to mention elements of tariff transparency in advertisements using numbering sources.

Lastly, the guideline has published all types of numbering resources, their application fees, as well as an annual numbering reservation fee.

You can read it HERE.

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