Safaricom Fixed Broadband Share Surges 25% Up To Take Top Position

Safaricom Wifi Zone

Safaricom has reclaimed top spot in the fixed data subscription market after registering an upsurge in registrations last quarter.

According to the latest Sector Statistics report, Safaricom has gained 25% more fixed data subscribers to reclaim top spot from Wananchi Group. The company has 207,398 subscribers which is 41,588 more than what was registered last quarter. This surge was realized between April and June of this year.

The report says the increase in data subscriptions is due to the increased demand for access to information online. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic led to adoption of video conferencing services from home as well as streaming on video on demand services. In addition, students continue to access Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development content online while at home.

This is the biggest quarterly jump in subscribers we have seen Safaricom gain in the relatively new fixed data market. Safaricom Home has been competing fiercely with Wananchi Group (who own Zuku) and JTL in providing fixed data services in the country. Safaricom now holds 33.5% of the market share with Wananchi Group trailing with 32.5% of the market.

Name of Service ProviderNumber of internet subscriptionsPercentage market share
Safaricom PLC207,39833.5
Wananchi Group201,60532.5
Jamii Telecommunications118,49319.1
Poa Internet 54,8318.8
Mawingu Networks10,7081.7
Liquid Telecommunications9,4441.5
Internet Solutions Kenya9,1151.5
Telkom Kenya4,7800.8
Mobile Telephone Network4740.1
Other Fixed Service Providers2,7310.4
Fixed Data Subscriptions by service provider and respective market shares

The fixed data market is segmented between different technologies. As per June 2020, cable model has 176,589 subscriptions, Copper (DSL) has 939 subscribers, Fiber to the Home/Office has 351,330 subscribers, Fixed Wireless has 78,298 subscribers, Satelitte has 1,651 subscribers and other fixed technologies have 804 subscribers. That is a total of 609,661 fixed broadband subscriptions in the country which is a remarkable 14.7% growth compared to the previous quarter.