Showmax, Telkom Kenya Bring Live Mobile Sports Streaming at KES 1500

Telkom Showmax

Showmax has partnered with Telkom Kenya in a deal that will see customers enjoy live matches aired by Supersport, music and even local TV stations on its Showmax Pro product.

The collaboration is strictly for mobile devices, and will see customers enjoy the ordinary catalogue of Showmax, and the additional channels offered by Showmax Pro.

All Telkom Kenya subscribers can enjoy the service. Here is what you get for KES 1500 and 2000.

1. A 30GB data bundle + 1-month Showmax Pro Mobile subscription for KSh1500 to stream Showmax Pro Mobile for up to 10 hours per day on a mobile device with a 1GB daily allocation.

2. A 45GB data bundle + 1-month Showmax Pro Mobile subscription for KSh2000 to stream Showmax Pro for up to 15 hours per day, on a mobile device with a 1.5GB daily allocation.

This, obviously, means that subscribers will enjoy the service on their mobile devices.

Those who use Showmax on TV or laptop computers are out of luck. Still, the combination of the two is pretty sweet deal.

It’s even better for customers who have access to Telkom’s 4G coverage. Perhaps the biggest concern is daily allocation.

Once the daily quota has been exhausted, you’ll not enjoy the product until the next day.

Alternatively, you can choose to top up your data plan.

It should also be noted that subscribers cannot switch their voucher to another Showmax plan.

How to register

The plan can only be purchased via Mpesa or TCash on the Telkom app or via USSD.

1. Dial *544# and select Showmax Bundle – Buy via Mpesa.

2. Choose your bundle.

3. Put in your Telkom number.

4. You’ll receive an STK prompt to put in your Mpesa PIN.

5. You’ll receive an SMS notification from Mpesa, followed by an SMS from Telkom with your bundle details, and one with the Showmax Pro Mobile voucher.

Lastly, the 30/45GB purchased is not received in bulk; it’s distributed throughout the month with a daily 1/1.5GB allocation.