6 Clear Signs You Need To Replace Your Old Phone With a New One


To many of us, a phone is the most important technology in our everyday life. It serves as our on-site assistant, keeps us connected, stores our sensitive data, the list is endless. Like me, you may feel lost without your phone. That’s why it is a priority to have an efficient and reliable smartphone, not necessarily the most expensive.

But, how do you know your old phone is not efficient and you need to have it replaced?

Here are 6 telltale signs.

Upgrading to the Latest Operating System Is Hard

If your device can’t run on the most recent upgrade from the manufacturer, then it probably is time for a new phone. Your hardware might simply be outdated to support the new operating system. Most likely, your processor might be a bit too old. For example, a 64-bit OS cannot run on a 32-bit processor.

This is the case with the latest Apple iOS 11. Old iOS on iPad 4 or iPhone 5 cannot have the 64-bit iOS 11 installed. Also, when getting an Android device make sure to confirm if it’s indeed running on the latest Android OS. This is not usually guaranteed.

You Can’t Install Security Patches

You most likely move a lot and you use public Wi-Fi. Therefore, you must be protected from security flaws. If your phone cannot upgrade to the new OS, at least make sure the old OS does support the latest security patches.

If you have an Android, make sure to check on the manufacturer’s website to see if it is still supported for security patches. If not, it’s definitely time to get a new device, for your security. Google has partnered with some Android manufacturers to have these patches monthly.

Or stick to Apple, they offer these patches for a longer period.

Your Device Is No Longer Supported

Although Apple supports updates for a longer period, a device older than 5 years soon becomes a vintage. Make sure to check Apple’s website to see if your device is joining the vintage bandwagon. Old phones may be running on unencrypted network traffic which may expose you to hacking.

Your Phone Is Annoyingly Slow

Is your phone still unresponsive even after a full reset? Does opening apps suddenly seem like you are powering on Windows 95? Experts at netchimp.co.uk, the UK’s leading iPhone troubleshooting website, explain that these are signs that you need a faster processor or a new OS update. While Apple acknowledged that they indeed do slow devices down to save on battery life as the phone ages, if the device is awfully slow after troubleshooting and replacing the battery then perhaps it’s time to upgrade.

Apps Are Crashing

There is nothing as inconveniencing as a crashing app. You might have finished your coffee while still trying to open the same app on your phone. But, if large apps are crushing on your phones but not on your friend’s phone, the problem may be the device and not the app.

Your device has two types of memories. One is for storing your files including your photos, and the other, RAM, is what runs your apps and the OS. Within the RAM are allocations to different apps on the threshold memory for running each. On high-end devices, the threshold is higher and vice versa is true. Therefore, experiencing more crashes might be a sign of a middle-level device and a device with better RAM allocation is definitely what you need.

Weak Battery Life

The rechargeable battery on your phone comes with a limited number of charging cycles after which you may need to have it replaced. The rule of thumb is, you’ll have an 80% charge capacity after 500 charging cycles. And before you notice it, suddenly the charge can’t make it through your day. Regularly check the battery health to determine if it’s the issue.

On an iOS device, you can download Coconut Battery on your Mac or take the device to the nearest Apple Store to determine the battery’s health. Both will tell you the capacity available. For example, a two-year-old iPhone 5S has a 58 percent capacity left when fully charged.

If the only problem is the battery, you don’t have to buy a new phone. Visit an Apple Store to have your battery replaced. With UK consumers spending an average of 4 hours on their phones, it is becoming a part of our lifestyle. In the same way, you wouldn’t drive a clunker car at 80 mph, it is neither safe nor fun to stay with an outdated device.

If these signs apply to your phone, consider an upgrade. The added performance and security features can make your experience more enjoyable. Please share the article with anyone who may be vulnerable to the risks of using an older device.