Payments Service WorldRemit Launches Entrepreneurship Program in Kenya

WorldRemit has signed Nigerian Music Star Patoranking, as an ambassador for this program. Patoraking will help to build awareness for the program and highlight how WorldRemit creates opportunities for Africans in entrepreneurship.


Digital money transfer service WorldRemit has launched a WorldRemit Entrepreneurs Program in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and Zimbabwe that will see the company create opportunities and facilitate development for business owners.  

The development follows the pangs of the pandemic that has ravaged many parts of the world, including Africa. Among those that have been hit include Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The enterprises have been instrumental in growing the continent’s economy.

The new program looks forward to kickstarting notable investments by supporting and empowering small businesses.

The program starts in November (this month), and go all the way to the end of January 2021.

It looks forward to empowering 50 entrepreneurs each from the said countries with business booster packs and a digital business training course to help the program participants develop the required skills to scale and run their businesses successfully.

The program’s training module was developed and will be delivered in partnership with The Nest, a pan-African tech incubation hub reaching entrepreneurs from all sectors, domains, and industries across the continent.

To take part in the program, WorldRemit customers from around the world are encouraged to send a minimum of £50 (or its equivalent value in their local currency) to Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, or Zimbabwe between 2nd November and 31st December 2020.

Successful teams will be selected through a draw to nominate the budding entrepreneurs living in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

The nominated entrepreneurs will receive the WorldRemit Business Booster pack, as well as access to the digital training course. Additional info can be read here.

What they said

We believe that entrepreneurs are critical to the growth of our economies, and as a business, we have a responsibility to support them through initiatives like this, especially during these unprecedented times. WorldRemit is a great success today because of the resilience and the support our entrepreneur founders received. We want to see other entrepreneurs experience the same level of success and beyond because we know that when they do succeed, it has a ripple effect that will see the African continent succeed too.

Sharon Karuga Kinyanjui, Managing Director for MEA and Head of East & Central Africa at WorldRemit

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