President Kenyatta Says Kenyans Bullied Him Out of Twitter

Uhuru Kenyatta

President Kenyatta has finally revealed why he left social media, mainly Twitter.

In an address to people today about the controversial BBI and its future, President Kenyatta said that his Twitter account was retired following a series of insults and disparaging from Kenyans.

The reveal, however, is nothing new.

As said, his account was one of the most influential handles in Kenya with millions of followers and engagements. Being a politician with a ton of responsibilities to Kenyans, the account was subject to tough questions from netizens on the platform.

While some of them were productive and favourably engaging, others hurled criticism at the President laced with obscenities.

This, according to the President, was not something he could continue taking part in, so the account had to go.

Kenyans on Twitter, popularly referred to as KOT, are some of the most engaging members on the platform in Africa and the world at large.

They have previously engaged in feuds with other countries such as SA and Nigeria, as well as global media house CNN.

The remarks posted on the platform go a long way in shaping conversations and driving engagements among influential people and organizations.

This is the same platform that saw the Nigerian government ban the allegedly criminal police force SARS that had reportedly been terrorizing the youth in the West African state.

Among other world leaders that use Twitter to air their agenda include outgoing US President Donald Trump. Trump’s love for Twitter has always hit the extremes with unsubstantiated posts and blatant lies, including the latest attempt to discredit the 2020 polls that ousted him out of office.

Twitter, however, has since reported that the safe haven it has give Trump will be revoked as soon as he leaves office on January 20, 2021.

Back to the Kenyatta story: his office still has a Twitter account named after State House that communicates important developments from Kenya’s highest office.

Nevertheless, does the President’s concern ring any truth – that Twitter is toxic and can see users bullied out of it?