Smartphones With Quad Cameras Lead Sales in Q3 2020

Quad Camera Smartphones

A lot of smartphones have been launched this year.

We’ve seen different trends on smartphones – from punch hole displays, high refresh rate displays, foldables, 5G phones, gaming phones, ultra-fast wired and wireless charging, big batteries, more RAM and storage configurations, more sub-brands going independent, more megapixels for better photos, unnecessary phone versions and more weird names.

One thing you’ll note is that smartphone companies – both Androids and iPhones are including more cameras lens for their primary camera setup at the back.

We’ve moved from one camera to two to three to four and even five.

Omdia Smartphone Intelligence Service recently revealed data from Q3 2020 that reveals interesting insights.

Smartphone sales with single cameras have taken a dive since Q1 2018, smartphone sales with two dual primary cameras rose steadily from Q1 2018 and then plateaued in Q3 2018 and then dropped to Q1 2020 and then went to a plateau again.

Sales in smartphones with triple cameras were still in the low numbers from Q1 2018 and rose in Q4 2018 until Q4 2019 before going into a plateau.

Sales in smartphones with four cameras rose steadily from Q1 2019 to the end of Q3 2019 and then continued rising even surpassing sales in smartphones with three cameras at the end of Q1 2020.

On the other hand, sales of smartphones with five cameras have been dropping.

This isn’t suspiring.

Lots of smartphone brands have been launching devices with four cameras this year – from flagships to even entry-level smartphones.

What’s worth noting is that these smartphones have different implementations – we have a primary camera, an ultra wide, a depth sensor, a macro sensor or a telephoto lens.

Flagship and some midrange smartphones feature more useful lens with their three other cameras besides the primary lens.

Budget devices feature a upgraded primary lens and then two 2MP depth and macro which are just there for marketing reasons.

OEMs focusing on budget smartphones need to upgrade these secondary cameras to be more exciting in their pursuit to look like the flagship smartphones meant for the high-end market.

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