Clubhouse Makes An Appearance In Google Play Store A Little Too Late

Clubhouse Android App

Audio communication has been a great thing during the pandemic. The period has also seen apps that offer such services, including Clubhouse, increase their reach significantly.

At launch, the app was only available for iOS devices, which made it some kind of exclusivity. At the same time, users had to be invited to take part in audio communications through the app’s rooms.

Of course, the popularity, which was pushed by leading tech executives that used the app, did not live for long. Super apps such as Facebook and Twitter have since cloned the audio feature (Twitter Spaces is a thing now, and it keeps getting features day in day out).

This has seen Clubhouse use cases plummet.

And what is the alternative? Well, the app now thinks that this is the right time to launch an Android platform.

It is available for download for users in the US. More people should have access to it in the future. It a good development, overall, but it comes a little bit too late because people have moved on to other platforms. There are many out there, including the aforementioned Spaces, Spotify and Discord.

The lateness is further reiterated by the fact that Clubhouse downloads have been low over the last couple of weeks.

People have always made a joke that Clubhouse was never really unique because its offerings are more of a feature that other apps can adopt – which is what has actually happened. It would need to prove itself that it launched the audio communication platform and popularized it if needs to stay ahead of the competition.