Clubhouse Exits Beta, Now Open To All


Live audio is the trending feature across new and old social platforms thanks to Clubhouse. The company brought this new format early last year as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe.

Clubhouse was invite-only and available for iOS devices for over a year until it launched its Android version in early May this year. This was a little too late as large and entrenched social networks like Twitter and others caught up to speed. Take Spaces, for example, Twitter’s live audio feature that is now available for everyone on whatever device or platform they are on.

Clubhouse has now exited its beta stage. The platform will now be open for anyone to join after the company ended its waitlist and invite system that hindered its adoption across the globe.

So far, the app has been installed 7.7 million times across Android and iOS devices with the former adding the most in terms of global downloads.

Together with this announcement, Cluhouse has changed its app icon baton from Brazilian activist Dandara Pagu to Justin “Meezy” Williams, 21 Savage’s manager and entrepreneur who also hosts The Meez-O Estates room on clubhouse.

Meezy is also one of the most prominent operators in the Atlanta music scene.

Clubhouse also has a new logo and a revamped website.

Something the platform has introduced is the ability to add your country flag emoji anywhere in your bio and during the Olympics that kicks off later this week, the flag will show up as a badge on your profile whenever you’re in a room.