Twitter Spaces Finally Arrives on the Web

Twitter Spaces Web Platform

Twitter Spaces is becoming a very popular live audio platform and in recent weeks, we have seen the tech giant launch a couple of new features to entice its users now that rival social networks are also quickly launching their own Clubhouse-like audio rooms.

Twitter is now bringing Spaces to the web after launching on Android and letting people with over 600 followers to host Spaces.

This now means that Spaces is now available on iOS, Android and on the web(both mobile web and desktop web)

Clubhouse recently became available on Android too.

Twitter Spaces on the web will function like its app counterpart – you’ll be able to click on an ongoing Space or add a reminder to a future Spaces. Clicking on a current Space will let it play in the background and you can continue scrolling on the platform just like you would on the app.

One drawback of this feature is that you can only join a Spaces, you can’t yet host one on the web – you’ll still have to use Twitter app.

With this new feature, you also get to check out the new transcription design and the ability to set reminders to join scheduled Spaces.

Other Features

Twitter is also working to bring new features to Spaces including the Ability to natively record conversationsImproved Discoverability, and Improved Accessibility.

We’ll keep you posted once these features roll out.

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