Twitter Spaces Gets Scheduling Feature

Twitter Spaces

Twitter has been on a roll lately. They have acquired six companies in the past five months this year. in its to bid to improve product strategy.

Late last year, the company launched Twitter Spaces, its live audio feature to rival Clubhouse. Twitter has quickly been launching new feature to make Spaces popular as other platforms race to launch Clubhouse-clones.

Twitter increased its availability to both iOS and Android users who have 600 followers or more to let them be hosts on Spaces.

Earlier today, the company announced that that hosts can now get Spaces on a schedule.

This has been one of the most requested features on the app. Clubhouse already has reminders feature.

Hosts will have the ability schedule their Spaces and other users can tap the scheduled Space card to get notified when it goes live.

Twitter adds that Space hosts will receive two notifications which include a 30 minute reminder and a second one at the start time.

Other Features

Twitter is also working to bring new features to Spaces including Ticketed Spaces, the Ability to natively record conversations, Accessibility on the Web, Improved Discoverability, and Improved Accessibility.

We’ll keep you posted once these features roll out.

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