Twitter Spaces Now Available to Anyone With Over 600 Followers, Adds Scheduling, Reminders, Support for Multiple Co-Hosts and Ticketed Spaces

Twitter Spaces Dedicated Tab

Live audio is getting competitive for social media platforms that have been churning new features and products the past couple of days.

Facebook and Twitter are going all in on this new format that Clubhouse once reigned over.

Clubhouse recently announced that they are working on a closed beta test for its Android app and Twitter increased its efforts by making announcements about new features coming to Twitter Spaces, its live audio chat room feature.

Anyone with 600 followers can now host a Twitter Space

This is pretty huge for Twitter in its race to make Spaces available to everyone. When Twitter Spaces launched, it was only available for iOS users and then Android users could join in as listeners and then some Android users could host their own Spaces.

Twitter is now increasing the ability to host Spaces to anyone who has 600 followers for both iOS users and Android users.

Twitter says that 600 followers was the minimum threshold and that these accounts tend to have “a good experience” hosting live conversations because they have a larger existing audience who can tune in.

This makes Twitter Spaces available on all platforms except the web – but we might see this change in the coming days.

Clubhouse, its main rival is still invite-only and only available on iOS only.

Twitter adds that soon anyone on Twitter will be able to host Spaces in the future.


Twitter is working to bring reminders on Spaces that will alert you when a scheduled session is about to begin. You will be able to set a reminder on the app.

This feature will be available in the coming weeks.

Multiple Co-hosts

Twitter Spaces will soon support multiple co-hosts. This feature will come in handy and Twitter is looking to go with several options.

The co-host will be able to speak, remove other speakers, and manage the guest list.

In terms of moderation, the co-host and the host will have to agree on the rules for the specific chat room.

Scheduling Spaces

Twitter will soon let users schedule Spaces for their followers and other guests to join in on their chat rooms.

Hosts will tweet out their upcoming Space and then have guests sign up for reminders straight from their timeline.

The Twitter Spaces team has been really careful not to ruin the casual and intimate vibe of spaces so that guests that show up don’t feel like it’s a conference or meetings.

Twitter Spaces is also including Reminders to chat sessions so you don’t miss out.

This update will roll out in the next few weeks.

Ticketed Spaces

Creators who host Spaces will soon be able to earn revenue from their Spaces. Twitter is working on bringing paid Spaces where hosts can set ticket prices and how many will be available for this live event.

Ticketed Spaces will be available for testing in the coming months.

The company will take a small percentage of the revenue from the ticket sales and the majority of it will go directly to the creators.

Improved Discoverability

Twitter is working to make Spaces more discoverable. They recently started building a dedicated tab for Spaces.

The company will also put a purple ring around someone’s profile picture when they’re live in a Space to be more visible in your Timeline.

Improved Accessibility

Twitter Spaces team is working with its Accessibility team to ensure features introduced are accessible by everyone like the introduction of an improved live caption tool.

We’ll keep you posted once these features roll out.

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