How to Get Clubhouse Android App in Kenya

Clubhouse App

Audio-only platform Clubhouse has been iOS-only since last year. On Sunday, last week, the company announced the availability of its Android app on the Google Play Store.

Last night, Clubhouse announced that they are expanding the rollout of its Android app worldwide.

Its Android roll-out is a little too late now that rival social media companies like Facebook and Twitter already have their own versions like Live Rooms and Twitter Spaces.

At the moment, you have to register on the app’s Google Play Store page and wait to be alerted when the app is available for download in your region.

Clubhouse Android App

The Android app still has missing features found on its iOS counterpart like changing profile name, follow a topic, create a club or manage it, make payments or share links to your other social profiles like Instagram or Twitter.

The company is working on having feature parity with its iOS app.

If you can’t yet download the app from the Google Play Store. Clubhouse Android apks are already available online on Apk sharing sites like APK Mirror and APK Pure – which you can download and install.

It’s worth noting that you still need an invite from someone already on Clubhouse to sign up.

Once you log in, you’ll be asked registration details and then topics[crypto, tech, internet, culture, music, film, current events, entertainment] will be suggested for you to follow so that you get notified of live rooms or scheduled rooms according to your interests.

Your homefeed chat rooms will also depend on who you follow too.

Clubhouse hosts networking opportunities, podcast-style conversations and panel discussions which can either be public or private.

There’s alot of controversy plaguing the platform including harassment, racism and misogyny since it has yet to refine its content moderation.

You should know that it is very hard to get rid of Clubhouse once you sign up.

The platform doesn’t have an option to delete your account on the app – you’ll have to directly reach out to Clubhouse[[email protected]] and ask for your data to be deleted.

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