Twitter Will Soon Have a Monthly Subscription Plan

Twitter App

If you are an active tweep (Twitter user), you might have come across comments like “this app should not be free” when people are enjoying the conversations on the widely popular social platform. Well, Twitter is now said to be working on a premium subscription service called Twitter Blue, which will cost $2.99 (approx. KES 300) every month

Jane Wong, an app researcher whose reputation on discoveries about tech services and products before release dates is pretty solid, took to her Twitter account to share some of these exclusive features that will come with what she says is called Twitter Blue.

Wong reported that high-paying subscribers will look forward to a less-cluttered and premium experience that will include an Undo tweets feature, working similar to the undo feature in Mail. She as well shared a screenshot of a Bookmark Collections feature which is also just like the folders for Saved items that has been there for a while on Facebook. This will introduce a less hectic, well-tiered, and organized experience for the diverse tweets and topics we bookmark for later.

In July of 2020, Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO confirmed that they were exploring additional methods of creating money from the platform’s currently over 300 million monthly active users. Right after that, Twitter rolled out a survey to query users on several features it was considering for a subscription-based service.

These features include custom colors for the app and website, the ability to post longer and higher resolution videos, custom stickers and hashtags, fewer or no ads at all, advanced analytics, and much more.

At the beginning of May this year Twitter acquired Scroll, a subscription service that removed ads from news sites. Scroll CEO Tony Haile in a blog post announcing the deal said he sold his company because “Twitter’s ambitions are larger than people suspect.” In one of his tweets on the same day, he added that Scroll would “integrate into a broader Twitter subscription later in the year.” Considering the Scroll CEO is now on the Twitter Product team, we can say for sure Twitter Blue is right around the corner.

Whether such subscription-based services will change and affect how users interact with the platform is yet to be known, as we wait for the company to confirm when and how much.
Would you pay to access these premium Twitter features?