Twitter Increases Spaces Discoverability With This Feature

Twitter Spaces

Twitter is increasing its efforts on making Spaces more discoverable on its platform. As every app is trying to be Clubhouse, Twitter already has a lead on this live audio format but its main problem is discoverability.

One way the social tech giant is by having a dedicated Space tab on the bottom navigation bar. This redesign is now live and has begun rolling out.

Another option the company is playing around with is showing recommendations at the top of your feed where Fleets used to be.

The recommendations are set on the listening activity of people you follow on Twitter. If someone you follow is listening to a Space, the purple bubble will appear on top of your timeline.

Twitter has also provided privacy settings to control who can see your listening activity.

This will allow you to turn off your listening activity so your followers can’t see which Spaces you are listening in – this will come in handy when I’m listening to T Swift Spaces.

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