Twitter Spaces Finally Gets Dedicated Tab on Its App

Twitter Spaces Tab

Twitter has been busy this week. They officially launched Twitter Blue, their premium subscription service and now Twitter Spaces is getting attention today.

We had reported that the tech giant was working on giving Twitter Spaces, its live audio platform, a dedicated tab on its app. This redesign is now live and has begun rolling out.

Twitter Spaces has been trending the past few months as the company tries to increase its adoption among its over 192 million monetizable daily active users. 

Twitter has been trying to maintain its lead on the live audio platform as Clubhouse plays catch up.

Twitter Spaces is now available across all platforms including the web with features like Ticketed Spaces and Scheduled Spaces.

The new redesign will make Spaces more discoverable as it has been its main Achille’s heel. In the past, you had to notified of a live Spaces when a person you follow posted about it, or a Spaces link got retweeted.

If you wanted to join an ongoing one, you had to search for it by literally typing “” in the search tab. And to be more specific typing “ within_time:15min” to get current Spaces.

This is how it will look:

Twitter Spaces now joins the MessagesSearchNotifications and Home tabs in the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.

This means that you can now view ongoing Spaces with added details like Space titles, hosts, and people you know who are participating.

Getting a dedicated tab will also let users be notified of Spaces they previously set reminders for.

Sadly, there’s no categories so you’ll have to scroll to find a Space that fits your interests.

One more thing Twitter is rolling out in relation to Spaces is that they’ll now feature a purple ring on a users profile visible on the feed. This means that you’ll see if they are participating in an ongoing Space.

If you’re interested, you can join that chat session by tapping on their profile pic.

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