Twitter Updates: Handles to be Archived

Twitter updates Emoji reaction in DM

Twitter updates has seen the introduction of Direct Message Replies. We learnt via the Twitter Support account, that users can reply to any message received in DMs. This is very similar to how one can respond to messages on WhatsApp. Previously, one could only reply to the last message on the thread. The new Twitter update in DMs aims to make conversations smoother and more intuitive.

Another Twitter update for the DMs will be the Emoji Picker. The users of Twitter will now be able to react to messages in their DMs with a wider range of emojis than ever before.

Twitter promised that it is working to improve these features even further.  

Even More Twitter Updates

This is not the only news for the platform. News anchor Tucker Carlson, recently released from Fox News, announced he will be bringing a “version” of his program to Twitter.

Twitter will also look into purging dominant accounts. Twitter’s CEO recently tweeted, that the accounts that have not been active for several years will not be deleted but archived. He warned users to expect a drop in their follower numbers.

Elon Musk noted that the move is necessary to free up unused handles. However, he noted that the handles of notable celebrities who have since passed on will be preserved.  This was after a user expressed their reservations about losing Kobe Bryant’s account.

Additional Features announced recently have focused on Live spaces on Twitter. They were updates on Twitter Space reminders. Twitter also introduced a feature to rewind spaces that are still live. The playback speed for rewinded streams has also been enhanced.

Twitter users are expecting more updates from the platform. The platform is expected to introduce direct voice calls and video calls on the platform. These features will enable communication options for users who are seeking more immersive interactions.

As of now, it seems Twitter is experiencing a continuous revamp that will transform user experience and interaction.