Twitter’s Co-founders Are Joining Its Biggest Rival

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Twitter has gotten so bad since Elon Musk took over last year and this has driven its users to move to other rival platforms. The list of people migrating to other social media platforms now includes Twitter’s co-founders

After buying Twitter for $44 billion, Elon Musk has been winging it since he took the helm and it’s been just a mess. He laid off its critical workforce and has been running Twitter using policy decisions that promote hate speech and harm vulnerable users – even from his personal tweets. 

Many users including Twitter’s co-founders have gotten tired of the chaos on Twitter and creating accounts on platforms like Parler, Post, Hive Social, Truth Social, Gettr,  and Mastodon. The latter has gotten popular in recent weeks.

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This has gotten the attraction of Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Ev Williams who now have accounts on Mastodon. Their accounts are on, Medium’s dedicated instance on Mastodon that launched yesterday.

“I’m kinda tinkering with it. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or what, but my Twitter experience isn’t as great I don’t know if it’s the people that I follow that aren’t tweeting anymore or what’s happening,” said Biz.

“I don’t think of this as an experiment even. We think Mastodon tipped over and that all authors need to be there,” said Tony Stubblebine who is the current Medium CEO.

Founded in 2016 by Eugen Rochko, the decentralized(aka federated), ad-free and open-source microblogging platform has been Twitter’s biggest rival and is now boasting of having around 300,000 monthly active users, close to 10,000 instances and adding over 2.5 million users between October and last month.

Most signups now consist of celebrities, authors, journalists, news organisations and politicians and Mastodon now has over 9 million users.

We are on Mastodon by the way. You can follow Techweez here or my personal account here as well.

If you are planning to join, here’s our comprehensive guide as you move from Twitter.

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