How Technology Use Affects The Environment


We live in times where we are becoming more and more dependent on technology to go about our daily tasks. It’s almost like second nature now. Nearly everything is automated and we simply cannot function or move without having our phones with us. Technology has revolutionized our world, and its rapid advancements have changed the way we do practically everything. However, there is no doubt that there are many downsides to it. Studies show that technology has negative effects on things such as mental health and even the environment. 

Due to industrialization, emissions are increasing, which is increasing the temperature of our planet each year. In this article, we discuss various ways the use of technology is affecting our environment. 

Increased Emissions 

The use of technology is increasing carbon emissions. This increase in emissions is trapping heat from the sun in our atmosphere. When this heat is unable to leave the atmosphere, it gives rise to an increase in temperature. This is affecting the entire planet as our temperatures go up every year. All the major technological advancements contribute to these emissions which is the biggest hurdle experts are facing in today’s era.

Energy Saving Products

Technology has gone a long way in helping the environment as well. More and more manufacturers are becoming conscious of the value of designing energy efficient products. Seeing as how we’ve become so inclined to use more and more energy for our appliances and gadgets, it’s apparent that our use of water, electricity and energy has increased considerably. This is why you’ll find that many of these products, especially the latest designs, are made with saving energy in mind. Whether it’s your toilet, washing machine, light bulbs or even your phone, all of these are not made to save as much energy as possible since our consumption has increased so much. 

Use of Social Media for Awareness

Discussing the use of social media regarding the environment is a must. Social media has several pros and cons. One of the primary advantages of social media is the connectivity of people across the globe. This has an immense advantage as it creates awareness amongst people about worldly issues. Certain organizations create environmental awareness using social media platforms. 

However, social media also increases emissions. Every picture posted, text sent and story uploaded over platforms gives rise to more emissions as seen by the research by Compare the Market electricity comparison. Moreover, the credibility and authenticity of these platforms can also be questioned. Not everything you see is true and, unfortunately, they can also be weaponized and used for personal agendas as well.

While technology has brought about great inventions,  we must understand its role in damaging the environment as well.  The use of technology massively depletes our natural resources. Alongside this, it’s rapidly polluting our environment too. 

Even though there are certain advancements we know to be harmful, their use can’t be stopped as they will halt the supposed progress of the world. Whether they’re defense-related or research-related, we need to find alternatives quickly to be less reliant on technology. If we can depend on eco-friendly alternatives, our planet and ourselves will be far better off.