Google Play Protect Prompts Users to Uninstall YouTube Vanced


Ad-free YouTube alternative Vanced was discontinued early this month. The free app came through for users who were annoyed by YouTube’s double ads and creators also shamelessly plugging their own ads mid through their videos.

Vanced removed the pre-roll ads and the sponsored segments in the videos. You could also select which channels that could play ads.

The app shut down but users who had installed the app before could still use it.

Google Play Protect is the tech giant’s effort to safeguard users who have installed apps officially from the Play Store or sideloaded apps and protect them from malicious apps.

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This feature is now prompting users to uninstall the Vanced app and marking it as “harmful” with reports being shared on social media including Reddit.

They are some alternatives including SkyTube and Smart Tube.

The safest option is to use Brave. It’s a privacy-focussed browser that has adblocker inbuilt – no need for additional extensions. The mobile app also allows for background play and you can opt to pin the YouTube page as a shortcut app for quick access.

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