Netflix Now Lets You Express How You Truly Love a Show


To enhance your viewing experience and better their algorithm, Netflix used the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. But how do you tell Netflix you actually loved a show?

The streaming giant has been testing a heart icon for a year before settling down on a two thumbs icon that will be rolling out this week for everyone on the mobile and Smart TV apps.

Tapping on the Two thumbs icon shows that you’re a true fan. The button will appear on a TV show or Movies page.

Netflix says that the new button will be another input to their recommendation engine.

“We’ve been hearing from members that it’s important for them to distinguish [between] shows they liked and the shows that they really loved — and that distinction was important to them,” said Christine Doig-Cardet, Netflix Director of Product Innovation.

It’ll be interesting to see if Netflix will add a “Most Loved” badge to a show just like the ” Most Liked” badge it already has.

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