Downsizing Or Tired Of Being A Couch Potato? Here Is How To Cancel A Netflix Subscription

What a title!

Monthly subscription fees can take a substantial chunk of your money. This is because people pay for a lot of streaming services: Netflix, Prime Video, Showmax, and DStv – and these products require an internet connection, which is also billed monthly. To this end, it would make sense why someone would want to downsize their streaming services.

Also, there is a case where a streaming service just does not work for you anymore, probably because you have exhausted its good collection of TV shows and films, or because you have other cheaper ways of accessing that content.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that for the Kenya case, users of platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video do not get the entire catalogue of movies and series, which, understandably, is kind of a bummer (you can also get a VPN service for geo-locked content, but that is another bill you have to pay at the end of the month).

Cancelling Netflix

Planning to cancel your Netflix subscription? We don’t blame you, really. The streaming service is not exactly cheap following a bump in its package rates sometime in 2021.

The costliest plan, for instance, goes for KES 1450.

For context, Showmax costs KES 1050 (the Pro version costs KES 2100! – but at least you can play live channels and access leading soccer leagues in the world), but that only gives you two screens, and you will have to put up with 720p content.

Prime Video is the cheapest at KES 600, but you don’t get a lot of films from the service, although it has nice gems such as Goliath, The Mentalist and Two and A Half Men starring Charlie Sheen.

Now, cancelling Netflix is actually very easy. However, there are a few steps you need to be aware of, and some of them entail you keeping or deleting your streaming information entirely from Netflix’s side.

And here is how you do it:

  • Go to  
  • Sign in with the email attached to your account
  • When you get in, you will have two options: you can cancel your account but keep using it until your next billing, or you can downgrade your plan and save some cash. Click on what you want, and then Finish cancellation.

Here is how much Netflix costs, by the way:

  1. Mobile only (480p), one screen – KES 300
  2. Basic (480p), one screen, includes computer – KES 700
  3. Standard (FullHD), two screens – KES 1100
  4. Premium (4K, HDR), four screens – KES 1450
  5. Free – select shows and series, 480p

Deleting Personal Information

Here are a few things you should know about cancelling your subscription.

First, Netflix will hold onto your streaming information linked to your account for a period of ten months. This includes viewing history and profiles.

The good thing with this move is that you can pick off from right where you left should you choose to crawl back to the video-on-demand service.

Secondly, if you need your information to be deleted immediately, then drop Netflix an email at [email protected]. Make sure you use the email attached to your account. Explain your case and they will delete your information.

Lastly, if you share your account with someone, which we know you do, then make sure you change your password prior to cancelling your subscription.

Why? Because if the other person logs in after you have deactivated the service, then your plan will be restarted.

You can now read a book and stop being a couch potato.