Circles Are Twitter’s Response To Instagram’s Close Friends

Twitter Circle Interface

A lot of things have been happening at Twitter Inc. Many months ago, Jack Dorsey, who is also one of the social media app’s cofounders left his CEO spot. He was then replaced by Parag Agrawal.

And just the other day, the world’s richest person, and Tesla/SpaceX Ceo Elon Musk purchased the company for USD 44 billion pending approval from regulatory bodies. The development has sparked mixed reactions, some of which have been reported internally following disgruntles among employees. The workers are not certain about their future because there are rumours that under Elon’s leadership, the company will need to let some employers go as it tries to streamline operations.

Elon has reportedly been quoted saying that the platform will introduce a feature, which will see some government agencies and businesses pay some money to use the platform. Of course, Twitter will still be free for everyone else.

For now, Twitter has started testing Circle, which is basically a small group of people that will be able to see tweets sent by any given person.

The best way to understand the feature is by referring to Instagram’s Close Friends, where users can limit who gets to see their Stories.

Only people added to a Circle will be able to see what you tweet.

And a Circle can accommodate up to 150 people or as we refer to them, Tweeps.

Twitter Circle Settings

If you have been added to a Circle, you will not be able to leave it. Anyone can also be added to a Circle, and you do not need to follow each other to take part in one.

If you find it bothersome, you can mute the conversation and it will not show up on your timeline.

As usual, the feature is only available for select accounts, and will trickle down to the rest of users in the near future.

Will the feature be used as often? Maybe yes, but the platform has not been the best in introducing new features as frequently as possible. It has since killed Fleets, although many people do not miss them.