Jack Dorsey Has Left Twitter, CTO Parag Agrawal Takes Over as CEO

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter is one of the most known social media platforms in the world.

Facebook, of course, is ahead in that segment, bearing in mind it runs other social media platforms that have proved lucrative in the long run, and in the future. Shout WhatsApp.

That aside, Twitter has not been adept at making money.

Because, and let’s be honest: the company is well-known, but it lags behind in terms of revenue collections.it got so bad that is started sneaking in ads in threads. What a desperate move.


But. We know the folks at the core of the firm know better than us. Because, again, business executives have big brains.

Twitter CEO has stepped down.

45-year-old Jack Dorsey has left Twitter after being at the helm since co-founding the app in 2006 until 2008 where he got pushed out of his role. He returned in 2015.

Jack Dorsey is leaving the reins to Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s chief technology officer since 2017.

Parag has held various roles at Yahoo, AT&T and Microsoft.

He joined Twitter in 2011 and worked across various sectors including audience growth, revenue and consumer engineering.

He put focus on machine learning when he was promoted to CTO.

In late 2019, Parag was tasked with Project Bluesky, Twitter’s aim of building a decentralized social media standard.

Dorsey went ahead and shared that Parag has been his successor and was unanimously appointed by the board

“The world is watching us right now, even more than they have before. Lots of people are going to have lots of different views and opinions about today’s news. It is because they care about Twitter and our future, and it’s a signal that the work we do here matters,” said Parag on Monday morning.

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