Showmax Pro Skips on Ligue 1, Again, But At Least All Important Leagues Are Streaming Now

If you do not care about Champions League games for now, Showmax Pro will actually help save some money than paying for DStv.


One of the cheapest ways to watch live football is via Showmax Pro. Showmax, as we have said a ton of times before, is a video-on-demand platform developed by MultiChoice.

Its Pro version costs KES 2100 and is even lower on mobile devices.

That amount gets you live TV channels such as local television programming, as well as soccer, among other games.

In the last fortnight, we have been enjoying the return of the EPL. It is a tough season for the likes of Manchester United. Losing their first two games, with a new manager, has also been a catalyst for one of its shareholders, the Glaze Family, to leave Old Trafford because shareholders love investments that at least try to make a good name for themselves. This is far from the current form and mood at Man United.

That aside, other leagues, such as La Liga have been missing from Showmax Pro. However, starting this weekend, the platform will be showing them, which is a good thing for all of us.

However, we have always had issues with the platforms, and questioned ourselves as to why Supersport doesn’t show Ligue 1 matches, especially after the Messi move from Barcelona to PSG. PSG is one of the best teams in the world, at least in all matches save for the Champions League where it falters massively. Other than Messi, the team is packed to the brim with talent and would have been a great idea if it was easy to watch Neymar display his theatrics on the field or Mbappe with his hare-like sprints (when he is not getting insecure about the bond between Messi and Neymar).

Showmax Pro is also important in this case, because if you have an internet connection, and do not care much for Champions League matches (those games are only interesting from the knock-out stages), then you can save a lot of money by just paying for it in place of DStv, which has since increased the prices for all its packages, effective from September.

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