When compared to other social platforms, Twitter is very lenient towards adult content. It was this very reason that they wanted to monetize adult content on the platform by letting adult content creators sell subscriptions and Twitter takes a cut like its Super Follows feature.

Twitter would earn so much revenue if it had gone ahead with this idea as OnlyFans is predicted to get $2.5 billion in revenue – this is half what Twitter got from last year.

Twitter began the Adult Content Monetization project. If this were to ever go live, advertisers would shun using the platform but the revenue hit would be covered by the cut Twitter would make from the OnlyFans-style paid subscriptions.

Twitter even formed a Red Team to ensure this project met all health and safety measures. The team found out that Twitter was struggling to remove Child Sexual Abuse Material(CSAM). An internal report from last year found that Twitter was using old systems for keeping up and removing child sexual exploitation material.

“We have weak security capabilities to keep the products secure,” wrote the red team.

Launching the ACM project would make it even harder to track illegal content and so Twitter scrapped off this idea.

Child sexual exploitation material is still prevalent on Twitter as seen in internal documents obtained by The Verge and Twitter this doing little to fix this.

The company has failed to push resources to detect, remove and prevent child sexual abuse material.

“Teams are managing the workload using legacy tools with known broken windows. In short (and outlined at length below), [content moderators] are keeping the ship afloat with limited-to-no-support from Health,” reads the February 2021 report from the company’s Health team.

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