You Can Now Share Safaricom Postpay Data Bundles


Ever since Kenyans became creative with data bundle sharing, Safaricom decided to end the vice by aggressively managing the service.

The development happened more than six years ago, and the carrier basically reduced the number of data bundle units you could send to another person.

That number is currently at 10 MBs max, and you can only share twice in a day, meaning the recipient can only receive 20 MBs of data from the sender.

Last year, Safaricom decided to change the whole data sharing arrangement. Instead of sending MBs to a friend or family member, it now allowed customers to share those bundles with them.

This is done through this portal, where a person with a substantial amount of data can share bundles by adding a beneficiary to his or her account. Once the beneficiary’s number is added, he or she can then pick the amount of data to share.

Previously, this was only possible on prepaid accounts.

However, postpaid customers now can do the same, and this is actually important because some postpaid customers have a huge amount of data that they sometimes don’t get the time, or a chance to use, likely because they have access to wireless networks either at home or work.

Besides, some people buy postpaid bundles just for voice, but the package also comes with data bundles.

Now, there are two things to note. One, is that you’ve to use the portal linked above to share data. The option was previously available in mySafaricom app, but it seems that it was removed. Secondly, you a recipient can’t track data usage. Only the sender will see that information.

Is this a good development? Obviously yes, and it is better than not being able to share the bundles at all.