You Have Two Months to Replace Your Old-Generation Passport


The Kenya Immigration Department is reminding locals that their old-school passports will be phased out from November 2022.

This follows an extended grace period that has seen Kenyans use their non-biometric passports without any issue.

However, this time around, groups with the outdated document will not be allowed to use it because it appears that this is the last time that the deadline has been extended.

To note, the November deadline was announced in early 2022. This was after the state had offered to do the same several times before. Nonetheless, some Kenyans have since not renewed those documents for the East African biometric replacement.

Issues have also been brought up by applicants, including a backlog of applications at the Immigration department. Some people have reported they have not had their passport applications processed for over six months.

At one time, the government also expanded the application points to other parts of the country outside Nairobi, including Nakuru, Kisii and Embu. This was done to alleviate the backlog strain in the Nairobi Office.

Also introduced at the same time was the booking system, where an applicant could choose when to visit an Immigration office for their biometrics information to be recorded. This has been working well, with many Kenyans choosing to travel to other destinations for the exercise.


Here is the full statement from the Immigration Ministry regarding this update:

Pursuant to the decision by EAC Council of Minister’s meeting held in Arusha from 22nd to 29th November 2021, the deadline for phasing out of the old generation passport for all EAC member States is November 2022.

In line with this decision, the Directorate of Immigration Services wishes to inform the general public that Kenya is bound to migrate fully to the new East African Community biometric e-passport by 30th November 2022.

Kenyans are therefore hereby advised to acquire the new Biometric e- passport to avoid any inconveniences.