[UPDATE: IT IS BACK ONLINE] WhatsApp Goes Offline Worldwide


Wondering what is going on with your favourite chat app WhatsApp? Well, you are not alone, because the Meta-owned platform has been down for nearly two hours now.

People are not able to send messages, nor can they receive them. We have seen the same response on WhatsApp web too.

People have since taken their frustration on Twitter. To showcase how big the chat app is, WhatsApp is now a trending topic at number one.

No official message has been given by WhatsApp as to what has caused the downtime. We however know that WhatsApp will clarify the situation once the issue has been addressed.

It is also at this time that people remember that there are other chat apps out there. Already, we are seeing a lot of sign-ups on Telegram, which for a long time has been under the shadow of WhatsApp.

Telegram is great, has awesome features, and is a favourite among millions of people. It has since launched a premium version, which has additional tricks up its sleeve such as accelerated download speeds and verification badges. It costs KES 700 per month, which is on the higher side, considering that the free version works just as fine.


We will alert you once the service comes back online.


Update: services have since been restored.

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