TCL Brings Mini LED TVs to Kenya, So What is Mini LED Technology?


There is no limit to the number of affordable TVs you can buy in Kenya. This is because the market has matured, and less-known brands have found their way to the local market. You see, these brands do not price their sets as expensively as others, because they do not have such a big name to keep at the top of the marketing metrics.

It, however, does not mean that they make less-than-stellar TVs. We are about to mention a number of them, some of which have sold highly locally, with very good feedback and customer satisfaction, but that is a story for another day.

Now, this is a perfect segue to talk about TCL, which has revealed that it will be bringing its Mini LED, QLED, and home appliances to the Kenyan market. This is a move that all of us should embrace because it means the competition is about to grow, and we will able to access some of these devices at a good price.

What is a Mini LED TV?

Mini LED tech has not been around for so long, but it is still very impressive because even brands like Apple and others are packing it in their devices such as iPads and MacBook Pros. Also, it is worth noting that unless you have an OLED set, plasma TVs from many years ago, or these modern and pricey MicroLED TVs, then you very likely have an LED television. You should also remember that LCD and LED TVs are functionally the same. LCD panels need a backlight, and LEDs are used to illuminate an LCD screen.

In this case, Mini LED simply means it is a type of backlight used for a television. They are smaller than ordinary LEDs, very much smaller up to 75 percent of traditional LEDs. This means that smaller LEDs can be used in big numbers to fit into a backlight array. If you understand how TVs work, then you are aware that the more backlight zones you have got, then the better the picture production because the TV now has the ability to control what is and what is not illuminated on the display.

Now, since thousands of Mini LEDs can be fit onto a screen, the display tends to be brighter with improved contrast. The Mini LEDs are then controlled to brighten up or dim small parts of an image, and this can be done at a greater accuracy to basically ape OLED panels.

We have since established that the technology is becoming mainstream, meaning we will be seeing more TVs rocking these panels. They also tend to be cheaper than OLED screens, which cost a lot of money to manufacture.

TCL Models

Now, with that out of the way, we should note that TCL sells its products in 160 countries across the world.

In 2021, TCL TV’s market share grew by 11.5 per cent with 24.6 million units of LCD TV shipment, while the No.1 Android OS Smart TV Brand, according to Omdia TV sets market tracker Q1 2022 and Omdia TV design and features tracker respectively.

The models that will be making their way here are the TCL Mini LED 4K TV C935 and C835.

The QLED 4K entertainment centres, model numbers C735 and C635, are now available in Kenya.

TCL also announced the latest home appliances, such as the Fresh-IN air conditioner and its newest range of intelligent IoT appliances that can be controlled remotely and intelligently through the TCL Home App.

“We are proud to unveil TCL’s latest generation of Mini LED and QLED C Series TVs, to offer premium home theatre experience to consumers in Kenya,” said Jitendra Kulkani, Sales Director of TCL Middle East & Africa.

Pricing details have not been revealed, but expect them to cost from KES 100K or thereabouts.