BlackBerry Sets the Date for its “Mercury” Smartphone Unveiling


At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early January, BlackBerry showed off its upcoming Android smartphone that many refer to by its purported codename, Mercury. Back then, the device had no name. Just that BlackBerry had gotten tired of all the leaks and rumours flying around at that time that it decided to reveal the device as it continued to work on the elaborate details before launch.

Now it looks like the company is finally ready.

BlackBerry just confirmed, by way of invitations, that the “Mercury” will be revealed at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, as expected. Only that this time we have an exact date: 25th February.

“Mercury” will be BlackBerry’s first smartphone from its new manufacturing partner, Chinese device maker TCL, since the partnership was announced late last year. The two companies collaborated on the DTEK50 and DTEK60 before BlackBerry decided to outsource all its operations to third parties. The company has since entered into similar partnerships with Indonesian and Indian companies as well.

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