Safaricom Reduces the Price for All-In-One Bundles


Safaricom has revealed that its All In One Bundle will now be cheaper.

The product has been around for a long time now, and it allows customers to purchase data, SMS, and voice units at a go.

It appeals to a lot of customers, who like to have an all-inclusive package at an attractive price.

It is also different from Postpaid because you don’t need to pay a deposit to access it. However, its units have a 30-day validity. The bundles cannot be carried forward after the expiry date lapses.

The original cost of All In One has basically been rolled back. However, you get additional perks such as free YouTube capped at 2 GB.

Previously, the bundles cost more after the telco made some adjustments to its product to reflect the proposal of the Financial Bill amendment.

Here are the new prices for the product:

Price (KES)Units
500100 mins + 500 SMS + 2 GB + WhatsApp
1,000400 mins + 1000 SMS + 5 GB + WhatsApp
2,0001000 mins + 2000 SMS + 15 GB + WhatsApp
3,0001500 mins + 3000 SMS + 25 GB + WhatsApp
5,0002500 mins + 5000 SMS + 45 GB + WhatsApp
10,0007500 mins + 10000 SMS + 100 GB + WhatsApp

Note: All bundles above KES 1000 come with free WhatsApp and free 2 GB YouTube bundle.

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