Safaricom Announces All in One Monthly Bundles with Ample Voice and Data Resources

Voice calling

Kenya’s top telecoms operator Safaricom has not released a new data or voice product for some time now, and we are glad to announce that the wait is over. The carrier has an all-new ‘All in One Monthly Bundles’ that will serve customers who need data and voice bundle resources at the same time. The product is also flexible as users can choose which of the two (voice and data) they need more, and decide on their purchases accordingly.

“The ‘All in One Monthly Bundles’ have been tailored to fit the connectivity needs that our customers face today and allow them to plan based on their budget. This proposition reiterates our commitment to always offer our customers value for money in line with our promise of ‘Nawe Kila Wakati’,” said Sylvia Mulinge – Chief Customer Officer, Safaricom.

Without further analysis, let jump right into the product, which is also live on the usual USSD, *544#.

All in One Monthly BundlesResources
KES 1,0001. 5GB+ Free WhatsApp
2. 200 min, 4GB + Free WhatsApp
3. 400 min, 1GB + Free WhatsApp
KES 2,0001. 15GB + Free WhatsApp
2. 600 min,12GB + Free WhatsApp
3. 1000 min, 3GB + Free WhatsApp
KES 3,0001. 25GB + Free WhatsApp
2. 900 min, 20GB + Free WhatsApp
3. 1500 min, 5GB + Free WhatsApp
KES 5,0001. 1500 min, 35GB+ Free WhatsApp
2. 2500 min, 10GB+ Free WhatsApp
KES 10,0001. 3500 min, 50GB + Free WhatsApp
2. 7500 min, 20GB + Free WhatsApp

It is worth noting that all resources are packaged with Free WhatsApp, a move that has also been replicated across several carrier data plans. Additionally, the KES 1,000; 2,000 and 3,000 plans have dedicated data resources that are not complemented by discounted voice calls, whereas the KES 5,000 and KES 10,000 have both facilities. Furthermore, the amount of data bundles allocated by 30-day plans has not changed; rather, Safaricom is introducing more flexibility here. Of course, you can stretch the flexibility aspect by purchasing FLEX bundles that even include SMS.

“By offering the choice of both discounted data and calls in one package, we are empowering our customers with even more convenience and freedom in managing their communication needs,” added Sylvia.

Oh, remember Platinum?


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