Kenyans Invited to Comment on the Framework For Emerging Technologies Regulatory Sandbox


The Communications Authority of Kenya has published a draft of the Framework For Emerging Technologies Regulatory Sandbox, and it wants public input in terms of comments before February 3, 2023.

A regulatory sandbox is a specific set of rules and guidelines that allow companies to test new products, solutions, and services in a live setting.

These tests are designed to evaluate the potential of these innovations to improve and expand certain markets.

At the same time, the tests are done on a small scale and for a limited time to minimize any potential risks associated with the new technology.


The framework aims to create a favourable environment for the deployment of innovative services, business models, and technologies in the ICT sector.

It will also promote growth in ICT markets and the understanding and implementation of new technologies.

The framework further seeks to use evidence in regulating emerging technologies and protecting privacy and consumers in new technology deployment.

Lastly, it hopes to commercialize technology research and increase the success rate of startup companies and job creation.


The regulatory sandbox aims to speed up market access for new innovations, reduce costs, and improve access to funding for startups by reducing regulatory uncertainty.

It also aims to increase the number of innovative products reaching the market, limit the consequences of failure, and improve solutions for customers.

The sandbox also supports the incubation of startups by providing a supportive environment for testing and experimentation and partnering with other stakeholders.

Where to submit comments

The Authority invites comments from all stakeholders on the proposed guidelines available on the Authority’s website at:

As said, the comments or memoranda should be sent to the email address: [email protected] or the official address below before the close of day on 3rd February 2023.

The draft can be read here (scroll to the bottom of the page to download).