Pesapal Launches Automated Payment Solution for Petrol Stations

Lake Oil Service station attendant serving a client in Nairobi. Pesapal has unveiled a forecourt management solution. The solution allows customers to make their purchases in a single, harmonized transaction, while fuel operators quickly and securely authorize transactions, enabling them to offer their customers a better service and promote an all-inclusive experience. The service is available in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Pesapal has introduced a new Forecourt Management Solution in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, which is the first solution specifically designed for Africa that offers integrated payments and monitoring and data tools.

This tool aims to streamline fuel and retail management processes by connecting distribution points with digital payments, and providing tools to lower costs and reduce pilfering while enhancing the customer experience.

According to a statement from the finance firm, the solution allows petrol station owners to monitor and control LPG and fuel dispensers remotely. It automates the communication between dispensers, tank gauges, price displays, and payment systems, which includes mobile money, card, and online payments, a feature that is typical of Pesapal.

The Pesapal Forecourt Management Solution offers a back-end reporting tool and allows petrol station owners to connect their Point of Sale (POS) and other technology platforms to the operations of their forecourt. Additional features include centralized price changes, RFID-based attendant tagging, automatic indenting of products, and the ability to transmit outlet data to head office systems.

Pesapal is also a Technical Associate of the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF), a community that focuses on technology standards for the benefit of automotive fuel and energy retailers, and promotes the interoperability of forecourt and convenience devices and services. Being a member of IFSF enables Pesapal to collaborate with African forecourt operators to further automate their operations and meet changing global standards.


“Independent petrol station operators and large forecourt networks are changing up their business models, with convenience services, new fuels and battery charging. This makes it a more exciting, complex and risky game to be in. We’re helping them automate and digitize, so they can focus on growing their businesses,” Agosta Liko,  CEO of Pesapal said.

 “We’ve spent months working with petrol station owners across East Africa and we’ve consistently heard about a lack of affordable monitoring and data tools for our unique environment. Many owners want to transform their forecourt into a multi-use hub, but they’re flying blind at the moment,” Mr. Liko added.

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