Safaricom Picks Boniface Mungania as Director of Public Sector Digital Transformation

Boniface Mungania

Boniface Mungania has been named as the Director of Public Sector Digital Transformation for Safaricom, effective April 1st, 2023.

Boniface will be reporting to CEO Peter Ndegwa and will be in charge of forming partnerships in the Public Sector to advance digital transformation for both National and County Governments. He will work closely with key stakeholders such as Enterprise, Financial Services, Technology, and Business Development to deliver solutions efficiently.

Boniface’s role will involve identifying opportunities for the government to digitize through technology in the public sector and recommending the most suitable solutions to the National and County Governments.

He will also promote and oversee the design, acceptance, and execution of innovative digital transformation programs within the sector.

Boniface has been the acting Chief Financial Services Officer since July 2022. This role has since been handed over to Esther Masese Waititu, who joins the telco from KCB.

He joined Safaricom in 2007 as a Customer Care Representative and was soon promoted to a Dealer Account Manager.

In 2011, he joined the Financial Services team as Senior Officer, M-PESA Business Development.

Since then, he has grown and held various leadership roles in Financial Services including Senior Manager, M-PESA Business Development, Mobile Financial Services Consultant (Vodafone Qatar) and Head of M-PESA Products and Services Development.

In October 2021, Boniface was appointed the Payments Tribe Lead.

“I would like to thank Boniface Mungania for his leadership of the Financial Services Team over the last 8 months. During this period, we have made great strides in delivering our Financial Services mission, including receiving regulatory approval for some of our strategic initiatives, as well as launching platforms such as M-PESA Go and supporting the government to launch the Hustler Fund,” says CEO Peter Ndegwa.