Safaricom Details Why M-PESA Has Been ‘Operating’ Itself

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Some people have been having issues with M-PESA, with some reporting that the mobile money product has been ‘operating’ itself without their customers.

Turns out, that is not the case because Safaricom was updating the platform, which then brought up the issue that has been in discussion around social media channels.

According to the telco, customers should not be worried because the update has been completed. At the same time, Safaricom has added some features to the platform, which should also see customers have a better experience while transacting.

Store Number

This feature has been around for some weeks, but now Safaricom is making it known to customers.

The carrier has introduced a Store Number requirement for M-PESA agent withdrawals to prevent customers from accidentally withdrawing money from the wrong agent.

In the updated process, the customer will need to enter the Agent Number, Store Number, Amount, and PIN, which will then be validated to ensure the funds are withdrawn from the correct location.

The Store Number has also been implemented on the M-PESA app, the M-PESA Business app, and through *334#.

Safaricom is also in the process of updating customer SIM cards with the new menu, with customers receiving a prompt on their phones to accept the update.

If needed, customers can manually update their SIM card by following a series of steps outlined in the M-PESA menu on their phone.

Lastly, Safaricom now has the capacity to roll out new features after updating the M-PESA platform to enable upgrading without the need for a downtime. The company targets a 99.99% availability of the M-PESA platform or less than 53 minutes of system unavailability in a year.