realme Announces a Coca-Cola Branded Phone


 Smartphones tend to partner with well-known brands to increase their visibility. Most phone brands have engaged in these collaborations, which are usually done for cosmetic purposes. In some instances, the partnership goes deeper, with the new partner’s designs, such as colours and logos, appearing on the smartphone’s user interface elements. We appreciate these partnerships because they give the device a unique personality, and when executed well, they can effectively attract potential buyers.

The newest of such partnership is between realme and beverage company, Coca-Cola. According to the Chinese phone maker, realme, which has previously achieved success through collaborations with famous film, anime, and gaming franchises, has now partnered with the globally recognized brand. This marks the first time realme has teamed up with the world’s most well-known soda brand to offer a new limited edition.

The back of the smartphone has been designed to take cues from the classic look of Coca-Cola, featuring a red and black color scheme. The 70/30 asymmetrical design showcases the iconic Coca-Cola logo in black and red, making it easily recognizable. The vibrant red color of Coca-Cola exudes positivity, youthful energy, and dynamism. The cropped version of the classic logo adds a bold touch to the smartphone, infusing it with a fresh sense of energy.

Fancy, right?

Remember when I said that these partnerships make better sense when incorporate into UI elements? Well, realme has done so over here.

So, the most key aspect of the smartphone is its custom UI system, which has been designed in line with Coca-Cola’s signature red colour and bubble element, adding a touch of cheerfulness to every interaction with the device.

The lock screen, dynamic charging effect, and ringtones have all been tailored to provide a more interesting experience, including a Coca-Cola ringtone and the sound of effervescent bubbles.

The app icons are also designed using Coca-Cola red and depict actual images of the product.

And what’s the device’s name?

It is the realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola Edition.

It offers more than ample performance with its Snapdragon 695 5G processor, a 5000mAh battery, and a 108MP ProLight camera, which has been updated with Street Photography Mode 3.0, offering city filters based on location and new features like Super Group Portrait and One Take to enhance the camera experience.

The phone also has 8GB+8GB dynamic RAM and allows for up to 1TB of external memory.

Price and availability details in Kenya have not been communicated.