Airtel Kenya Launches All-in-One Bundles

The bundles can be rolled over, which means they will not expire at the end of the month if they are not fully used.


Airtel Kenya has announced a new product called Airtel Premier, which will see its customers enjoy all mobile units under a single plan. This means that Airtel customers will be able to purchase data, SMS, voice, and data in an all-in-one bundle. While this product is similar to the All-in-One bundle offered by competitor Safaricom, it has some added benefits.

Firstly, customers have three different choices for each plan. For instance, if a user makes a lot of calls but does not use data often, they can subscribe to a plan that prioritizes call minutes. Alternatively, if they prefer data over call minutes, they can purchase a plan that prioritizes data usage. In contrast, Safaricom’s product only offers a fixed choice.

Secondly, the plans come with free Airtel to Airtel calls, meaning that the minutes will only be consumed when a user makes a call to other networks.

Thirdly, the bundles can be rolled over, which means they will not expire at the end of the month if they are not fully used.

Airtel has also mentioned that it has lowered its roaming rates, though this is a topic for another day.

Airtel Premier is significant for the carrier, as it was announced in the presence of key government officials, including the CS for Cooperatives and SMEs, Simon Chelugui.

According to Chelugui, this announcement is timely, given that many Kenyans have criticized telcos for charging high rates when they are roaming.

He also briefly mentioned that the government has disbursed over KES 27 billion in Hustler Fund, and over KES 17 billion has been repaid. This is an important highlight because Airtel Kenya, along with M-PESA and T-Kash, is one of the platforms that Kenyans use to access the loans.

Here are the units and their prices:

10005 GB 600 MINS 600 SMS10 GB 400 MINS 400 SMS15 GB 200 MINS 200 SMS
150015 GB 700 MINS 700 SMS20 GB 600 MINS 600 SMS25 GB 400 MINS 400 SMS
200025 GB 1000 MINS 1000 SMS35 GB 800 MINS 800 SMS45 GB 500 MINS 500 SMS
300045 GB 1500 MINS 1500 SMS60 GB 1200 MINS 1200 SMS75 GB 900 MINS 900 SMS
500075 GB 3000 MINS 3000 SMS100 GB 2500 MINS 2500 SMS125 GB 2000 MINS 2000 SMS


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