Elon Musk’s erratic leadership and haphazard decisions at Twitter since taking over in October last year have pushed users to find new alternatives. And these Twitter-like platforms are embracing them in numbers – Bluesky is one of them and has grown popular in the past few weeks.

Bluesky is a federated social network born right out of Twitter as it was co-founded by Jack Dorsey in 2019. Bluesky went independent last year.

Jack Dorsey provided the seed funding but he doesn’t run it. It has its own CEO -Jay Graber. It is worth noting that Jack is on Bluesky’s board.

People have been downloading the app getting over 375K downloads on the Apple App Store and over 100K downloads on the Google Play Store.

The platform is invite-only with over 1 million users on its waitlist and up to 1,500 users joining daily. So far it has 40,000 users – ranging from former Blue-check Twitter journalists, celebrities, politicians, influencers, writers, and comedians.

The reason it is still in the beta phase is that the Bluesky team is refining its content moderation system and working on features like the Block button which they recently introduced. This was their most requested feature.

Signing up is pretty easy compared to Mastodon. The platform uses the AT protocol that allows for account portability and it also offers algorithmic choice instead of a centralized algorithm that Twitter uses.

Bluesky is the first true alternative to Twitter as you get the same experience on the bird app. And no, it’s not built on blockchain.

The timeline is known as the Skyline and posts as unofficially known as skeets.

The company is working on rewriting its terms of service to be more user-friendly.

To join Bluesky, you’ll need an invite from someone who’s already signed up or you can join the waitlist.

If you’ve already joined, then here are my best Bluesky apps for Android, iOS and web clients.

BlueSky Apps Clients

Bluesky App for Android and iOS

This is the official app from Bluesky available on both iOS, Android, and on the web as well. It’s pretty intuitive and bare-bones which new users will appreciate.

Yes, there’s dark mode available.

Graysky for Android and iOS

This is an open-source Bluesky client written in React Native for both Android and the web. Besides the usual Following and What’s hot tabs, you also get a Mutuals tab to keep up with the people who follow you back.

You also get a likes tab on your profile as well.

Moot Social

Moot is an iOS app that has new features like support for drafts, username autocomplete in posts, quote skeets, links in profiles, muting and blocking and adjusted timeline logic, and more features.

The good thing is that they keep adding new features each day.


This is my favorite Bluesky web client and has much-needed features like custom algorithms which means you get tabs like Following, Mutuals, and List.

Skyline.gay Custom Feed for Bluesky
Skyline.gay Custom Feed for Bluesky

You can even filter your feed to hide or show replies. There’s an option to let your feed show more wholesome tweets and see less of angry posts.

You can even share your timeline and lists as well.

Skyline also lets you assign a match to each post and everything with a 0% match is removed.

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