KICTANet Gears Up for Internet Governance Forum 2023

Kenya Internet Governance Forum 2023 This year’s event is scheduled for June 19th up to the 22nd.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a global multistakeholder platform that facilitates the discussion of public policy issues pertaining to the Internet

The Kenya Internet Governance Forum (KIGF) is organized by the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet). It is an annual meeting offering a platform to share knowledge that inspires policy in both public and private sectors

Moreover, the Kenyan forum is not a stand-alone event. As the Internet is a global resource, there are processes to ensure reporting and representation are done at regional and global Internet governance events.

In these annual meetings, stakeholders discuss, exchange information and share good practices with each other.

Furthermore, the delegates meet at the forum as equals. This helps foster a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities and address risks and challenges that arise.

Kenya Internet Governance Forum 2023

This year’s event is scheduled for June 19th up to the 22nd. This will be during the Kenya IGF Week.

During the 48 hours, a total of 14 speakers are expected to address the guest.  Of course, the speakers will include top government officials as well as prominent persons from the private sector.

For instance, one of the key speakers from the private sector will be Adam Lane. He is the current Deputy CEO of Government Affairs, for Kenya at Huawei.

The speakers will share and discuss with other delegates over 5 separate sessions.

Last year’s IGF consisted of 280 individuals in person and 220 attendings virtually via Zoom Webinar, Facebook Live, and live-streamed on the KICTANet YouTube channel.

Indeed, the attendance this year is expected to be bigger. The organization has taken steps to preserve 250 seats for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

This is the 16th consecutive year the event is taking place.

Kenya School of Internet Governance (KeSIG)

As usual, the IGF will be preceded by the Kenya School of Internet Governance( KeSIG). KeSIG is a learning forum run by KICTANet that aims to increase the capacity of key and potential actors in the local internet governance space.

KICTANet invites stakeholders at different levels to be part of KeSIG cohort of 2023.

This year’s KeSIG will run from 5 – 22 June 2023. Applications are currently ongoing