Official #ikokazi: Twitter Working on a Jobs Feature

Twiiter to introduce a jobs feature

Twitter is officially working on a jobs feature. This is not entirely new information as Elon Musk had already hinted at the same a while back.

The feature will allow companies to post jobs that have opened up in their organizations. However, early indications are the feature will be exclusive. Only verified organizations will have access to this feature.

The feature will allow companies to post a Job title, the location of the job, and salary. Additionally, the Twitter post will have a link to the job.

Indeed, Kenyan Twitter users are not new to job posts on the platform. Launched by a tweep, the #ikokazi hashtag has been a go-to place for job seekers in the country.

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The popularity of the hashtag has seen major corporates embrace it and use it to post vacancies.

Unfortunately, the hashtag has been faced with spamming. Users on Twitter are bound to find irrelevant tweets under the Hashtag.

As such, Twitter officially creating a jobs feature may be a welcome relief for job seekers on the platform. Currently, it is not clear how users will be able to access the jobs posted and whether there will be a jobs tab.

Indeed, this is another addition towards making Twitter an “everything app”. Since the purchase of the platform by billionaire Elon Musk, the platform has undergone numerous changes.

The jobs feature has long been a preserve of LinkedIn which leads in this space. However, other platforms like Facebook also have it.

As of now, we wait for Twitter to officially roll out its jobs feature.

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