Notice!! M-Pesa Services Unavailable Tomorrow For 20 Mins

M-Pesa Services Unavailable on Monday

Safaricom has announced to its customers the unavailability of Mpesa on the morning of Monday 26th  June 2023. The M-pesa services will be unavailable due to a planned system maintenance.

Customers should take note that M-Pesa Services will be unavailable from 1:00 AM to 1:20 AM.

Safaricom promises the disruption will be for a total of 20mins.

According to the notice, the system maintenance is to enable the company “To support even more innovations”. No further details are given.

Notably, all other services including Calls, Data and SMS will remain available as usual.

Additional, Safaricom says the time chosen is most favourable for its customers. Safaricom believes the time will result in the least inconvenience to its customers.

All customers are advised to take note and take early measures to mitigate inconveniences.

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